Monday, December 31, 2007


Email From God...

Read Matthew 5:4

My Child,

Is it good to be sad? Well, it depends on what you are sad about. If you're sad because you didn't get the latest video game for Christmas, you'll just have to get over it. What if you're sad because of something more serious? Did a relative die? Do your friends reject you? Do you feel empty inside because someone has seriously hurt you? If so, then yes, yes you can be blessed by My comforting presence.

If your heart is breaking, My Spirit is with you. I know what's making you sad. And I want to make it better. Cry out to Me. Pour your heart out to Me. Ask Me to help you. I will pick you up, dry your tears, and hold you. I will tell you that I love you. I promise I will be with you always.

Your Comforter,


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